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Town Star Coin Explained

16, February, 2023

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Town Star is a unique play-to-earn gaming blockchain developed by Gala Games on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can build and rule a town while earning Town Star coin (TOWN) rewards, access in-game items through NFTs, and compete for prizes and rewards on the leaderboard.

The game offers a fun and rewarding experience for players who complete challenges and unlock play-to-earn rewards.

Gala Games introduced TOWN as a utility token to incentivise players to utilise the in-game NFTs. This virtual token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that can be traded on different exchanges. Users have the option to transfer or trade tokens, but they can only buy tools using in-game currency.

In this virtual world, players compete to build the most efficient and productive town possible by growing, gathering, and crafting their own 3D models. The game, created by one of the co-founders of Farmville developer Zynga, offers opportunities to top the leaderboard, win big prizes, and complete challenges to earn Town Points.

Gameplay mechanics and token specifics

Players can acquire TownCoin (TOWN) tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain network by participating and completing its tasks. This feature allows players to earn passive income while playing the game. Additionally, user-owned in-game assets (NFTs) can contribute to earning TOWN tokens daily based on their rarity and usage in farms and towns. However, it is essential to note that gamers must actively play the game to earn these tokens through their NFTs.

Gala Games introduced Gala Power as a system for measuring in-game progress. By increasing their Gala Power, users can expand the number of NFTs they can place in their farms and towns. The level of Gala Power is determined by factors such as players' wallet capacity, the NFT assets they possess, how long they have had their account, and their investments in the game’s native currency.

What is the Town Star contest all about?

In the contest, users must carefully plan and manage their city’s resources to cultivate and produce goods. By utilising AI workers and creating valuable items, players must expand their town while working within the limitations of space and resources.

The main objective is for players to use their knowledge of worker roles and building functions to construct the most productive and efficient town within the given space. Players are considered victorious when they can produce and sell high-value goods, thus earning more points than their competitors.

How is Town Star coin added to the supply?

Players can earn tokens by engaging with NFTs. Additionally, those who operate Founder's Nodes may receive tokens as a daily reward for their efforts.

The total amount of Town Star coin tokens that can be in circulation is equal to 1 quadrillion.

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Town Star NFT

NFTs, or blockchain items, are in limited quantities and can be bought in the Gala Games store while still in stock. These items can be transferred between players and can also be transferred out. They may also have value outside of the game, and using them in the game provides additional benefits. Players can earn rewards when they use NFT items in their build, provided they meet specific requirements.

Players can access in-game items using NFTs to complete daily challenges and build their town on the platform. Those who perform well and rank highly on the leaderboard will receive attractive prizes and rewards. Additionally, players can earn rewards by completing challenges and unlocking new items in the game.

What is Season Pass in the game?

To earn tokens in each season, players must possess a Season Pass, an NFT item referred to as a "ticket". The Season Pass acts as a key, allowing players to earn coins throughout the entire season as long as they meet other requirements. NFTs in the game have varying rarity levels, and each earns tokens daily based on its rarity level. The rarer the NFT is, the more coins it will generate daily when used in the game.

How to obtain and redeem P2E incentives

Ensure that you have a sufficient amount of Gala Power by obtaining GALA or TownCoin and keeping it in your player wallet.

These tokens held in your wallet will be used to determine your Gala Power level.

The equation for calculating Gala Power is:

Gala Power = Gala Coin + (TownCoin*2).

For the first season of Town Star Play-to-Earn(TSP2E), individuals can earn daily without needing a ticket. However, starting with the following season, a valid Season Pass will be necessary to take part.

To earn points, you must have a certain number of NFTs placed and active during the 24 hours. Even if you place the NFTs just before the countdown ends, as long as all other requirements are met, they will still be eligible for earnings.

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