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Trump NFT Collection Raises Eyebrows

16, December, 2022

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pink image of nft motherboard. Donald Trump and USA flag in foreground.
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Former US President and crypto critic Donald Trump has launched his own NFT collectible project, and the move has perplexed the crypto community.

Even conservatives and adamant MAGA supporters are baffled. Analyst Eric Wall compared the Trump NFT project to a "SimpDAO".

The word "SimpDAO" was coined after social media sensation Irene Zhao introduced IreneDAO. The NFT project gives 'Simps', or admirers, an opportunity to connect over their love for Trump while also receiving perks like one-on-one dinners and Zoom calls.

Donald Trump NFT tokens unveiled

On Thursday, the former president made a "major announcement" through his social media platform, Truth Social. He unveiled a collection of 45,000 NFT trading cards with artwork that featured himself in various outfits, such as superhero costumes, golf attire, and hunting gear.

He described the NFTs as containing incredible artwork about his life and career and that buying one is an entry to "a very exclusive community".

The Polygon-based NFTs cost $99 per token. Purchasers automatically enter sweepstakes with "thousands of prizes", including one-on-one dinners in Miami, Zoom calls, and rounds of golf with Trump. The tokens can be purchased using ETH or fiat currency.

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Digital collectibles promotion

The former world leader urged fans to purchase the so-called Trump NFT tokens, which he expressed as "much like a baseball card", for "only" $99 each.

In a brief clip, he said, "America needs a superhero!" while loud music from Marvel World played in the background. An animated version of the ex-president then appeared, posing in front of Trump Tower before tearing open his formal attire to reveal a muscular chest and a red T-logo bodysuit.

Fan's reaction to "major announcement"

Critics on social media were amused and shocked by the announcement. Some people thought the ex-president might reveal details of his 2024 presidential election bid or other significant campaign announcements. While Trump's polarising moves are frequently embraced by his supporters, a surprising number of them have not supported him in this case.

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