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Twelvefold NFT Collection Coming from Yuga Labs

28, February, 2023

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The developers behind the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club project, Yuga Labs, have revealed their new NFT collection. It is named Twelvefold and features NFTs with a 12-by-12 grid. One of the most popular NFT creators is interested in entering the Bitcoin network with this new project.

The digital art creators announced the new collection on 27 February, 2023. In a Twitter thread, they also mentioned that the NFTs would be available for auction in the coming week.

Twelvefold: A Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collection

The title given to this NFT collection by the BAYC developers signifies the base 12-time system. It refers to the Bitcoin Ordinals that are denoted with the time of their minting.

There will be 300 collectables in the Twelvefold collection. These include generative art pieces that will be inscribed on BTC Satoshis. Satoshis or Sats are the smallest BTC denominations that can hold data in JPEG, text, audio, or video.

That’s why the NFT pack will be using the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol. It allows developers to work with Sats for the creation of digital assets.

Moreover, it makes it easier for users to transfer or receive those assets.

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When will the Twelvefold collectables release?

The creators did not give an exact date for releasing these digital assets. However, they mentioned that collectors might get to buy them in the ongoing week. Yuga Labs’ team will likely give a 24-hour notice that will provide the details about the exact timings of the NFT auction.

The rise in the popularity of BTC Ordinals

The Dune Analytics data insights suggest that more than 200,000 ordinals have been minted. Many projects are catching up on this trend. Before the announcement of Twelvefold, other popular projects also entered the market. It includes the Casey Rodarmor series, launched in January 2023.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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