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Utherverse Launches First-Ever fNFT

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Utherverse was the backbone of the internet back in the early 2000s with the launch of games like Second Life and Play Station Home. The company set a precedent for VR, AR, interactive, and open-world games on the web.

The company is now set to launch its new take on the concept with its new game. The 3D internet game giant says it's unveiling the next layer when it comes to interactive and 3D games on the internet.

Any individual looking to play the game and be a part of the community can do so by installing the all-new web 3D browser named Xaeon™. The team at the company calls it the next-generation Metaverse platform as they get ready to release their in-house crypto called UTHER coin.

In the game, players can expect to use the UTHER coin and buy the company's NFTs. Like many other platforms and interactive, open-world games on the Metaverse, Utherverse is joining the bandwagon to release its game where users can own places, services, and other things.

These possessions will hold real-world value from which users can expect to make a passive income.

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How does Utherverse work?

The game is set to build a fully functional world in the Metaverse. If someone is looking to build a significant Metaverse presence, this is the place to go. The platform will provide players with all the tools they need to build their very own Metaverse.

These include software, tools, IP protection, and technical support, among other things, making it easier for players to customize and build their own unique identity within the world.

The company is taking a leap into the world of 3D internet games as players now have unlimited options when it comes to worlds within the game. In other words, players can transport, hopping in and out of millions of different worlds. The worlds in the browser can be interconnected with the correct permissions, allowing users unlimited options.

The company also states that the technology used to build the world is not only patented, but also ahead of its time and competition.

The economy

Since the company has been in this business for 17 years and is a pioneer in virtual world games on the internet, the UTHER token's launch is no surprise.

They have also launched the first fNFT (fractional non-fungible token) ever created. The fNFT comes in the form of a genesis trunk which comes "alive". The trunk contains many goodies within the game and is the rarest form of asset you can own within the Metaverse.

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