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VaynerNFT expands into web3 as it rebrands as Vayner3

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VaynerNFT is moving away from solely being an NFT enterprise. In its recent rebranding into Vayner3, the company is ready to expand its horizon, delving into the Metaverse amongst other web3 experiences.

In July 2021, VaynerNFT was created by Gary Vaynerchuk, the chairman of VaynerX - his holding company. The new company's mandate was to assist brands with planning, strategizing, and executing NFT strategies. According to Gary, NFTs will become a "real consumer trend in 2022, and brands will invest heavily in the technology.

NFTs took 2021 by storm, with many companies and individuals investing in the space. Facebook (which rebranded to Meta), Gucci, Nike, etc., tried positioning themselves ahead of the Metaverse and web3 curve. With most of these companies investing in other Web3 opportunities, VaynerNFT rebranding to Vayner3 is not surprising.

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What to expect from VaynerNFT's transition to Vayner3

So far, VaynerNFT has worked with over two dozen Fortune 500 companies like PepsiCo and Coinbase. However, with its rebrand into Vayner3, the company is ready to offer Web3 solutions to a wider range of global partners.

Vayner3 will now operate as a consultancy and assist brands looking to invest in Web3 experiences like branded metaverses and blockchain integration. According to the Vayner3 rebrand statement, NFT technology "will remain a cornerstone of Web3".

According to a company announcement, Avery Akkineni will continue to be the president of the consultancy.

Is the NFT bubble over?

The transition to Vayner3 sheds light on the question in the mind of NFT critics. Is the NFT bubble over? Given that Gary, one of the key voices heralding NFT, is rebranding VaynerNFT into a broader Web3 consultancy company.

To answer this, the NFT bubble is not over. A sector like gaming that features the new play-to-earn economy incorporates NFT technology. Furthermore, NFTs will remain core to the Metaverse.

Conclusively, the company's rebrand helps prevent restricting its offerings to solely NFTs. Now, Vayner3 will explore all the possibilities of Web3.

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