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Visa Crypto Wallet Plans Outlined

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Despite the downturn of the cryptocurrency market, there are still remarkable innovations. A recent one has come to light in a blog post written by Visa crypto thought leaders. In the blog post, they outlined a proposal for a Visa crypto wallet powered by the Ethereum blockchain for Web3 auto payments.

Users could automatically pay for transactions without signing off on each one individually.

This proposed solution was based on a February internal hackathon among Visa employees aimed at solving the problem of how an Ether owner can pay bills with cryptocurrency in the future without an internet connection.

The proposal for the Visa crypto wallet comes at a much-needed time due to the loss of investor's confidence in cryptocurrency caused by situations including the downfall of Luna and, more recently, FTX, the second biggest exchange leading to losses worth billions of dollars in customer funds. The crypto wallet proposed by Visa would use the "Account Abstraction" process proposed by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, in 2015.

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How does account abstraction fit into Visa's vision?

Account abstraction refers to converting a smart contract into a wallet, also known as "delegable wallets". It was formalized in 2017 as an Ethereum improvement proposal (EIP-86). To realize the concept of an AA-based self-custody wallet or delegable account, the Visa team proposes that user accounts function like smart contracts. This would allow people to schedule transactions automatically and without the involvement of a central entity.

"This application could allow a user to set up a programmable payment instruction that can push funds automatically from one self-custodial wallet account to another at recurring intervals, without requiring the user's active participation each time," the blog post said.

The team has begun work on the Visa crypto wallet, claiming it has successfully created delegable accounts on a private chain using Starknet. This Layer 2 scaling solution supports the account abstraction concept.

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Author: Victory Obaro

Victory Obar is a versatile blockchain content writer, proficient in storytelling, researching , writing and editing diverse content. He actively trades cryptocurrencies and collects NFTs.

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