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VISA News: NFT Programme Launched

14, October, 2021

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Visa has recently launched an NFT- centric programme with creator of the NFT character, Aku, Micah Johnson, who is a well known artist amongst the crypto community.

The aim of the programme is to create a range of Visa collectibles using blockchain technology and support the creator economy.

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Visa Crypto Collectible

The first piece of work is an exclusive Visa Crypto Collectible card which demonstrates how cryptocurrency works on the Visa network. The card uses NFT technology to bring this all together so it’s only available as a digital asset.

The Vice President and Head of Crypto at Visa, Cuy Sheffield, tweeted "We believe that we are at the beginning of digital renaissance in the world of art and content creation- a flourishing ecosystem of artists, musicians, writers, photographers and curators building communities at the intersection of culture and commerce".

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