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Wallet Whale Membership Explained

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Wallet Whale is a UK-based membership programme that enables you to enjoy deals and discounts across retail, dining, holiday travel, Flava grocery shopping, health and fitness products, and home and garden essentials. This article explores what you need to know about the membership service.


Source: Wallet Whale

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Benefits of a Wallet Whale card

Listed are the benefits of becoming a Wallet Whale member:

• Get the mobile phone you want with a guaranteed contract via one of their partners WITHOUT a credit check. Additionally, as a member, you can enjoy extra data, texts, and minutes. It should be noted that the mobile contract partner (such as Vodafone) will require you to conduct several weekly payments to prove your capability to pay on a contract before they ship your desired mobile phone.

• Enjoy discounted retail in more than 6,500 British high street locations, across 300-plus retail stores and eateries. Carry your card when you go out dining.

• Easily upgrade your holiday travel experience via the membership portal. This includes upgrading your accommodation and travel insurance benefits, among other possibilities.

• Take advantage of exclusive Flava supermarket deals with a free premium Flava Benefits Pro account. This includes a lifetime of free shipping and spreading the cost of your grocery shopping.

Flava is the only UK supermarket that offers these features without interest.

• Access to a range of health and beauty products is available.

• Reap the benefits of discounted home and garden essentials shopping.

• Other benefits include online shopping deals and special motoring deals.

How to become a member

To enrol on the programme, you must pay a one-time sign-up fee of £39.99 and a recurring monthly fee of £24.99. According to the website, payments will appear as "WalletWhale03707704660" on your billing statement.


Source: Wallet Whale

Fill out a form that requires you to enter your title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, or Ms), first and last names, email address, mobile number (optional), and date of birth. Please read the privacy policy and terms and conditions before clicking on the Next button.

If you have any queries, you can reach out to customer support via phone or email:

Phone number: 03707704660

Email address:

Visit the website for more details and the FAQ section in particular.

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