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Your ultimate guide to WAX NFT drops

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NFT enthusiasts know the importance of staying ahead to take advantage of exclusive, limited-edition NFT drops by keeping up-to-date with calendars. This article shows how to use WAX to get the latest NFT info.

Introducing WAX

In the fast-moving world of NFTs, keeping an eye on the latest drops can be arduous. Information is scattered across different blockchain ecosystems, making staying up-to-date with new offerings almost impossible.

Moreover, only specific platforms or communities get access to timely information, and most collectors don’t discover these high-class opportunities. This is where Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) comes into play.

WAX updates delivers a reliable resource to monitor what's happening with NFT drops. This decentralized blockchain also facilitates buying, selling, and trading exclusive NFTs.   

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Benefits of using WAX

The WAX blockchain is renowned for fast transaction speed, scalability, and affordable fees, mostly completing transactions within seconds.

The platform's capability to handle a high volume of transactions makes it an avenue toward mass NFT adoption.

How to never miss WAX NFT drops

NFT sales from popular projects on the WAX blockchain go fast and can get sold out within seconds, meaning every second counts during sales.

Following are tips to ensure you never miss buying drops during sales: 

Know when a sale is happening: Figure out when a deal will happen – check the platform’s online calendar and save the date or set a reminder for, perhaps, 15 minutes ahead.

Fix your PC’s clock: Use the website to synchronize your PC's clock since you don't want to clock in a few seconds too early and receive an error message or too late and miss out,

Timing is crucial: Open the site 15 minutes before the exact time and open at least two tabs just in case the hub loads too long and you miss the drop; the second tab will act as a reserve to retry the payment.  

Wrapping up

The best way for any avid NFT collector to get the latest WAX NFT drops is to stay informed.

That means exploring, staying proactive, and taking advantage of calendars to avoid missing exciting new opportunities.

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