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What is DexGuru and How Does it Work?

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What is DexGuru and how can you use it?

DexGuru, peculiarly, is not a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) itself, as the name might suggest. Instead, it helps you better understand other DEXs, with a well-executed user interface to make things easier. As the company explains on its blog – “DexGuru offers data”.

There are a lot of complexities and technicalities when it comes to trading – especially cryptocurrency. You need to weigh hundreds of different variables to ensure you have the relevant information to make proper trades.

To a novice trader, all these 'switches and knobs' won't really make sense, nor will they matter. However, if you're enthusiastic about trading and want to understand how the market works, DexGuru could be the perfect tool.

You can do much with DexGuru, with charting at the core of the feature list. You can play around plenty with the charts on the app, with functions like overlaying various charts on top of each other, looking through different periods for comparison, and multiple indicators to understand trends. Moreover, you can compare and view up to nine different charts simultaneously – a dream come true for avid traders!

You can also monitor all the trading activity related to your favourite crypto tokens 24/7. It's not just basic information like buying and selling prices; DexGuru can also help you dive in much deeper, like how much of the token whales, sharks, and bots are buying, respectively.

You can also trade using the DexGuru platform, with a feature referred to as a "swap tool" by the developers. You can buy and sell "spot" assets on the platform without using another DEX.

Trading crypto, but it’s not a DEX – how?

You might have this question in mind, "they said it isn't a DEX, but then how can you buy and sell crypto assets on it?".

The catch is that it uses the 0x API as its foundation to facilitate all crypto-related transactions. This not only helps its users trade “in-house”, but it also provides the best rates on the market. Moreover, because of using 0x, DexGuru itself doesn’t charge any extra fees, as most other DEXs do.

It's a win-win situation for everyone, making DexGuru a great application for trading. It's insightful, easy on the eye, and facilitates cheap trading for users while providing a mountain of important data – what more could you possibly need?

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