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Where to Buy Monkey Ball Crypto

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One of the newest play-to-earn games is Monkey Ball, which enables its players to create, play, compete and earn. It's native token is MonkeyBucks, but where can you buy the crypto?

P2E gaming was one of the success stories of 2023. As the crypto market experienced its biggest growth year ever, P2E gaming saw its value rise to some $178 billion at its peak. Clearly, this novel blockchain concept was asking to be noticed.

P2E gaming is essentially a video game that allows players to buy, sell, trade, or earn cryptocurrency through several in-game features. While this concept is still in its infancy, many AAA-rated publishing houses have expressed a keen interest in adopting P2E models into established titles, perhaps indicating the future of video gaming.

‘Next generation e-sports Metaverse’

Monkey Ball describes itself as a ‘next generation e-sports Metaverse’. Built upon the Solana blockchain, Monkey Ball is a turn-based play-to-earn soccer game designed to be easy to understand yet hard to master.

The native token of the Monkey Ball ecosystem is MonkeyBucks (MBS). As the in-game token, MBS is sure to have high demand as the game continues to grow in popularity. There are six ways players can earn MBS, meaning access to the token is straightforward.

Once acquired, gamers can use MBS to purchase in-game items or breed new monkeys. Any fees earnt from trading MBS are funnelled back into the ecosystem and ensure that the platform has both longevity and sustainability. As you can see, MBS is certain to grow in value in the next couple of years.

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The P2E gaming concept

P2E gaming can take various forms, from simply trading skins for in-game items to earning through completing scheduled tasks. Rewards are often provided in the native cryptocurrency, or players may trade NFTs via an in-house marketplace.

Local laws drive P2E usage and subsequent adoption, with the Philippines being one of the most popular countries in the world to play. During the lockdown restrictions of 2021, players of P2E favourite Axie Infinity generated some $1.2 billion, leading some players in the Far East to declare it as their main source of income.

Where to buy Monkey Ball crypto?

Obtaining the Monkey Ball token is a frequently asked question. Due to the project's novelty, there are only seven places where you can legally purchase MBS. Raydium, ByBit, and MexC are the most popular places to obtain the token; however, a new listing from the Liquid exchange is proving popular. This is likely due to the zero fees offered on the MBS/USDT pair.

‘Fun first’

As mentioned above, Monkey Ball has some of the largest backers in crypto, including Solana, NfX, and Griffin Ventures. The team behind the project is called Uncaged Studios, which is multi-disciplinary and expert in the field of P2E gaming. The team is distributed globally, which helps bring an international feel to the game.

Players can design and create their own NFTs, either in the form of players or stadiums. The platform is an excellent example of high-production value gaming with an emphasis on 'fun first'. All rewards are based on nothing more than skill and achievements, meaning only the most adept of players will reach the top.

There are plenty of additional features slated for 2023, including breeding and stadium design which means the roadmap for the foreseeable future is very healthy indeed.

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