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World of Women NFT Ultimate Guide

10, November, 2022

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world of women nft
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World of Women NFT is the epitome of purpose-driven NFT art. It describes itself as a "thriving community" celebrating "representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all".

Yam Karkai founded these non-fungibles in 2021, and since then, they have been skyrocketing in popularity.

World of Women NFTs are generated randomly using a sequence of 11 traits, making each piece unique. Each NFT has a different level of rarity, which allows for further randomisation and, as a result, influences the resale price.

World of Women started as a collectable NFT project of 10,000 generative PFPs made available on OpenSea. They comprised 200 visual assets drawn by hand by WoW artist and co-founder Yam Karkai. The project aims to foster a diverse and positive community for all and encourage women to explore the opportunities on Web3.

The blue-chip NFT project is rapidly growing. Karkai and the WoW team expanded their community's universe in March 2022 by releasing World of Women Galaxy- a collection of 22,222 NFTs created using NFTs from the original collection. The WoW Galaxy collection also comprises 16 1/1 NFTs called Champions and Guardians that were hand-drawn by Karkai.

What made World of Women so famous?

There are several reasons why World of Women NFT became so popular. One is that, in an NFT space dominated by men, many women were looking for a project that would speak to them. WoW is the NFT ecosystem's leading women-led project. It has arguably done a better job of onboarding women into a Web3 environment heavily biased along gender lines before the project's existence. The community had awaited a project like this to emerge to give women a prominent voice in the crypto world.

The second reason is that many high-profile celebrities jumped on board with the project and began using PFPs on their social media accounts. The project has received support from Eva Longoria, Shonda Rhimes, Napheesa Collier, Reese Witherspoon, and others. Gary Vee, a well-known collector, has acquired 15 NFTs from both collections. These events undoubtedly assisted in raising awareness of the community, firmly securing its current level of fame.

Witherspoon was so fascinated by the project that, in February, she announced that her production company, Hello Sunshine, would collaborate with WoW to expand their universe into various intellectual property types, including feature films and TV series.

WoW NFT utility

Apart from the eye-catching art, original WoW NFT holders receive various in-community benefits. To begin with, collectors own their image and all rights to it, which means they can use it as they wish, including for commercial purposes.

Holders also gain access to exclusive Worlds of Women Artdrops, a monthly collaboration between WoW and established artists in the community. These WoW-collaboration NFTs were released in "seasons" and came from seven "worlds" with varying themes: Night Realm, Golden Star, Rainbow Orb, and more.

Another benefit is that possessing a genuine 800x800 WoW NFT grants collectors exclusive access to the 4000x4000 pixel file of the same artwork. This allows users to produce high-resolution prints, derivatives, or anything else they desire. Additionally, WoW NFT owners had the chance to win one of 100 framed prints that Karkai had personally signed.

Owners of WoW NFTs with rare attributes can also join various clubs. The first is the Curator's Club, in which members choose an artist from whom the WoW Fund will purchase artwork monthly. Members of the Royalties Club, of which only 19 NFTs are eligible, have access to a fund whose proceeds are divided equally among club members.

These are derived from 50% of all secondary sales from the original WoW collection. Finally, the Investor's Club distributes 50% of profits generated by the World of Women Fund to members every month. The primary goal of the Wow Fund is to highlight local artists.

WoW Galaxy NFTs have utility and perks, such as owners being invited to a major gala event in the summer of 2022. Also, holders can access private channels in the project's Discord, allowlist opportunities, concert ticket discounts, and more. WoW Galaxy NFT holders, like with the original collection, own their artwork in every way. Collectors can also contribute to the DAWoW, the project's governing board.

The project team has also revealed surprise airdrops, exclusive access to merchandise for Galaxy owners, and a Sandbox metaverse version of WoW Galaxy NFT characters for NFT holders from both collections.

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WoW works for organisations

World of Women NFT has donated 2.5% of all primary sales. They've given more than $40,000 to She's the First, an organisation supporting local solutions to educate and empower girls in 26 countries.

They also gave a whopping $44,000 to Too Young to Wed, an organisation that deals with child marriage. Charity auctions are also held. GaryVee won one auction, and the proceeds ($44k) were donated to the Rockflower fund.

They also have an emergency fund of $500k to help humanitarian causes in various conflict zones worldwide. This fund has aided people in Ukraine, Yemen, Gaza, and many other places.

What is the future of the World of Women?

The Sandbox connection indicates where the project will go next. The WoW website says they are "heavily investing in the metaverse." In March 2022, they revealed a new collaboration with the Sandbox to co-found the WoW Foundation.

The WoW Foundation will receive $25 million from the Sandbox over five years. The funds will be used to improve women's representation in decentralised spaces. The initiative is built on four pillars:

• Giving back to charity organisations.

• Boosting the ecosystem by supporting artists and funding projects.

• Voicing to raise awareness of women-centric causes.

• Educating newcomers.

In addition, 10% of all WoW Galaxy sales will be donated to the foundation.

The WoW Foundation will serve as an incubator, offering mentoring and free online lessons on Web3 topics via the Sandbox, with participants earning an "NFT diploma." Participants in the fund will also have the opportunity to develop business opportunities through the Sandbox's network of partners.

Bottom line

The WoW universe has become a cultural powerhouse in the NFT ecosystem. It shows no signs of losing momentum. Yam Karkai and her team have crafted a project to be proud of in a uniform NFT ecosystem. With luck, it will continue to inspire women worldwide to build, create, and take advantage of Web3 opportunities.

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Author: Priya Kumari

Author: Priya Kumari

Priya is a passionate content writer and the co-founder of Finendorse. She is an enthusiastic crypto investor and has a huge interest in the upcoming digitisation age.

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