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What is XMR and how to buy it with AUD?

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Monero or XMR is a widely popular and unique cryptocurrency because it allows users to remain untraceable. But it has also gained traction from criminals as they can keep their anonymity. This led to the discussions about a ban on Monero in Australia and several exchanges delisting it, which made buying this cryptocurrency quite challenging.

So, if you are also unsure whether you can buy Monero in Australia or not, this article will help clarify your doubts!

What is Monero (XMR), and how does it work?

Transparency is the key feature of most of the crypto blockchains around the world. But Monero is the cryptocurrency that argues blockchain transparency leads to user identity and is unsafe. That’s why it introduces a blockchain which is confidential and untraceable. The details of each transaction on the blockchain remain hidden, keeping the sender and receiver identities safe.

It works with three different technologies to keep the data confidential. Firstly, Monero uses temporary stealth addresses that detach the receiver’s public accounts from the transactions. Secondly, each trade requires a ring signature from multiple users. Other than the sender, these users include several decoys so that actual senders remain anonymous. The Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) is used as an added layer of confidentiality for encrypting transaction amounts.

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How to buy Monero in Australia (XMR/AUD)?

You can easily buy XMR in AUD, as Australia allows trading these taxable assets. Like any other digital coin, you first need to find a trusted exchange to buy this coin. There are various credible names like Coinbase, OKX, Kucoin, etc., that you can opt for. After selecting one, create an account on that exchange.

Register your email and phone number and set up a secure password. Then you can verify your details and deposit your Australian dollars (AUD) into the account to buy privacy coins. It would require selecting a payment method like bank transfer, credit card, or other payment options. Choose one as per your convenience and proceed to deposit AUD. Finally, find XMR on the exchange and swap it with Australian dollars, and you will be all set to use it.

XMR as an investment?

Monero is a distinguished token because of its confidentiality. That’s why investing in such privacy coins would depend on your necessity for security. If you want your digital transactions to remain anonymous, buying XMR with AUD could be a rewarding choice, considering its current price. However, you must be aware that it might bring certain risks, like its reputation for illegal activities which is the reason why several countries and exchanges have delisted it.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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