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Zapper Exchange Explained

zapper exchange
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Zapper Finance, a startup founded in 2020, is a dashboard that helps you keep track of your DeFi portfolio. Zapper exchange is a one-stop shop for you to keep track of assets, debts, liquidity pools, claimable prizes, stakes, and much more.

And the best part? It requires no personal information!

Just connect your wallet to Zapper and you're done. Moreover, Zapper gives you access to additional tools and benefits.

How does Zapper work?

Using Zapper is not rocket science. Follow the steps given below and you can get started in no time.

• Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button on the homepage.

• Once connected, you can access your DeFi portfolio, including loans, outstanding debts, etc.

• On your dashboard, you will see your current holdings, information about your portfolio, investments, and even NFTs. The price floor for certain NFTs will also be displayed here.

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What is the exchange?

Exchange refers to when you can exchange your tokens on any network. If Zapper supports it, you will be able to swap your token without needing a DEX. On your screen, look to the bottom left corner and choose a network and start swapping.

Zapper features

Zapper comes with some amazing features that you would want to check out, namely:

• DeFi Integrations - Zapper lets users stake liquidity from several DeFi protocols, all from a single dashboard.

• Portfolio Rebalancing - Zapper makes it easy to rebalance your portfolio with its connectivity. With this feature, you can ensure you have a well-diverse portfolio.

• Pooling - Zapper allows users to have multiple liquidity pools across several platforms with only a single cryptocurrency token.

• Monitoring - You can monitor your DeFi positions with Zapper by using its live updates feature. This allows users to manage and track their investments accordingly.

• Zapper Exchange - With Zapper exchange, you can easily swap supported tokens without requiring a DEX.

If you are looking to enter the DeFi network or system, Zapper makes the process smooth. With its yield farming and liquidity opportunities, Zapper makes it easier for investors to take advantage of the system.

It makes the tracking system that much better, and with Zapper, you can easily swap your Bitcoin, Dogecoin, ETH, and more swiftly.

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