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Author: Abhijeet Anand

Abhijeet has been a Crypto Research Analyst since 2018. He is trading and writing about Bitcoin actively since then. His world view and ideas are unique as well as interesting to read. He brings the storytelling style writing to complex topics and makes them easy to understand. Abhijeet has past experience of building crypto Products and analysing Businesses in detail. He writes about whatever intrigues him, obviously it's primarily crypto. His past experiences in this space has made him a firm believer of "It works, until it doesn't".

Author: Abhijeet Anand's Articles

Free Play to Earn Games: Who Makes the Best?

27, December, 2022

Looking for free play to earn games? Here's a look at some of the leading P2E offerings and how they work.

Accointing: A One-Stop Crypto Tax Solution

14, December, 2022

Complying with crypto regulations just got easier with Accointing. Racking your complete portfolio and getting tax reports in a hassle-free manner.

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