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Author: Brendan Beeken

Author: Brendan Beeken

Moni Talks Founder and Chairman Brendan Beeken is an entrepreneur, commercial strategist, investor, and philanthropist. He writes on a wide range of subjects, including cryptocurrency, decentralised finance, blockchain, business advice, and professional wellbeing, for news and business websites, as well as Latest Moni and his personal site, Brendan draws from his own research and more than two decades of personal experience in business to offer a unique insight, perspective, and commentary on diverse subjects. He is passionate about making the cryptocurrency space more accessible and encouraging safer and more responsible trading and investing. Brendan's LinkTree is

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Crypto-Friendly Banks UK 2022

11, July, 2022

Looking for crypto-friendly banks in the UK? This article may help you find the crypto banking services you need.

Cryptocurrency Books to Read: A Guide

7, July, 2022

Enjoy a guide to cryptocurrency books to read: Well-written cryptocurrency books to help boost your understanding of the crypto space.

BitBoy Crypto – Rise of the Crypto Influencers

7, July, 2022

BitBoy Crypto is makes it onto our list of the top five cryptocurrency influencers. Who else makes the grade? Read on to find out.

Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop starts accepting DOGE payments

7, July, 2022

Elon Musk is in the news again as The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop accepts the DOGE as a payment method. Find out more at Moni Talks.

Cryptocurrency and the Economy: Crypto's Influence on Finance

6, July, 2022

What is the relationship between cryptocurrency and the economy? How do crypto markets impact economic activity worldwide? Here, we explain.

Environmental Cryptocurrency Concerns

6, July, 2022

Environmental cryptocurrency consciousness is developing as people think about the damage to our ecology. Can the impact be controlled?

American millennials invest more in crypto than mutual funds

4, July, 2022

An American based crypto survey conducted by investing firm, Alto, found that millennial residents prefer holding cryptocurrencies over other assets.

Cardano Vasil hardfork countdown begins

30, June, 2022

Cardano Vasil hardfork, the long-awaited upgrade which was postponed in June has finally been slated for launch by the end of July this year.

Singapore Regulator’s Clampdown on Crypto

24, June, 2022

Hawkish sentiment on Singapore crypto space as the country’s regulatory body aims to clamp down on illicit behaviours in the market.

Bitcoin Prime - Scam or Legit?

24, June, 2022

Bitcoin Prime has made waves with promises of huge earnings and rave user reviews. But is this crypto trading bot a scam or legit?

MoonPay launches NFT Platform

22, June, 2022

MoonPay launches NFT Platform with Fox, Universal Pictures.

Dent Crypto: A Good Investment?

18, June, 2022

Dent Crypto aims to disrupt the global telecoms industry and its cryptocurrency, DENT, is attracting attention. But is it a good investment?

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