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Author: Damir Khamzin

Having begun his career as a copy editor at Stockwatch, Damir was uniquely equipped to enter the crypto world by writing content for blockchain games. After learning about Bitcoin, he dove right in and has written for several cryptocurrency and finance blogs. He lives in Vancouver, BC and enjoys writing science fiction/fantasy in his spare time.

Author: Damir Khamzin 's Articles

Everdome Crypto and the Metaverse

22, October, 2022

Everdome is an ambitious crypto project aiming to create the first true iteration of the Metaverse as a 3D virtual space.

Synapse Crypto Protocol V2 Explained

21, October, 2022

Synapse V2 is the next evolution in the Synapse interoperability protocol and the crypto company's latest development in cross-chain infrastructure.

What is Ash Crypto Token?

15, October, 2022

Ash Crypto is an altcoin claiming to "participate in the funding of sustainable initiatives for pollution removal." Let's learn more.

Exploring the Bitcoin Motion Trading Bot Scam

6, October, 2022

The crypto industry is rife with fraudsters. Find out how to spot cryptocurrency trading bot scams using this handy example: The Bitcoin Motion trading bot scam.

What is MetaMask?

9, September, 2022

Find out why MetaMask is such a popular crypto wallet enabling 30 million monthly users access to the Ethereum Blockchain and Defi apps!

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