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Author: David Gonzalez

Digital Dave is from South Florida and has 17+ years of experience in the fields he loves to write about: finance, crypto and sports betting.

Author: David Gonzalez's Articles

What is Decentraland Crypto?

14, October, 2021

It's the crypto blockchain game everyone's talking about, but what is role-playing metaverse Decentraland all about?

Crypto Spotlight: Harmony ONE

11, October, 2021

Harmony One is a well-kept secret that won’t be a secret much longer. The crypto coin has seen a recent surge in price and attention.

Place Your Crypto Bets!

7, October, 2021

Does cryptocurrency have a place in gaming and gambling? It's time to talk crypto gaming, and place your crypto bets!

Crypto & Gaming: What is GameFi?

6, October, 2021

Heard about GameFi? On cryptocurrency networks, video games now give players verifiable ownership of in-game products. But where did it start?

Crypto Spotlight: Celer (CELR)

2, October, 2021

What is Celer (CELR)? In this article we examine the Celer Network and CELR token to give you an insight into this layer-2 scaling platform.

Crypto Mining: The Environmental Effect

2, October, 2021

Crypto mining and the environment, it's a hot topic and, as this articles reveals, the solution could be volcanic...or even nuclear.

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