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Author: Gerry Enoma

Author: Gerry Enoma

Gerry Enoma writes articles about crypto, blockchain finance, technology, and video games. His articles have been read by millions of readers on the internet. Having written for sites like,, etc. Aside from being a writer, he's also a game designer.

Author: Gerry Enoma's Articles

Which Crypto to Buy Today for the Long Term?

26, March, 2023

This article discusses which crypto to buy today for the long term, as prices remain at favourable levels despite the recent bounce in the market.

Safemoon Crypto Price Prediction

18, May, 2022

This ultimate guide clarifies Safemoon crypto price in 2022 and analyses the token's price predictions in further years. And how to buy it.

Spend Elon Musk Money? How Would You Spend Billions?

18, May, 2022

If you had it, could you spend Elon Musk money? This guide shows that spending money smartly and making wise investments are as vital as owning it.

Best Crypto to Buy and Hold? Here Are Some Thoughts

12, May, 2022

What's the best crypto to buy for your long-term investment portfolio? Here are some cryptocurrencies that are gaining popularity.

The Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin Question

23, April, 2022

Renowned celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, Bitcoin, and claims of successful crypto trading. Is there any truth?

Bitcoin Trader, Dragons' Den Scam. A Warning

21, April, 2022

This is the story of the scammed bitcoin trader. Dragons' Den was misused for this con along with its stars.

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