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Author: Jay Jackson

Author: Jay Jackson

Jay Jackson is a crypto trader, researcher and freelance writer. He works closely with people and businesses in the crypto sphere, writing blog posts, guides, press releases, reviews and ebooks.

Author: Jay Jackson's Articles

Efinity Coin: What You Should Know

24, September, 2022

Find out about Efinitiy coin, the main utility token of Efinity, an NFT blockchain built by Enjin and based on the Polkadot Network.

SUKU crypto: Everything You Should Know

22, September, 2022

SUKU is an Ethereum-based crypto project whose main focus is the supply chain industry. It aims to make the industry more transparent.

A simple AstroSwap guide for beginners

21, September, 2022

AstroSwap is a decentralized exchange for Cardano built on the Velas Network, considered the fastest blockchain in the world.

PepCoin: Everything You Need To Know

19, September, 2022

PepCoin is a rewards program launched by Pepsi in 2019 in collaboration with Venmo and PayPal which has been mistakenly interpreted as crypto.

DAO Maker: Beginners Guide

17, September, 2022

DAO Maker is a crypto project Launchpad founded in 2017. Since its inception, it has launched over 100 crypto projects and raised over $30 million in funds.

Raiden Network token (RDN): What you should know

15, September, 2022

The Raiden Network token (RDN) is the native utility token of the Raiden Network, an off-chain scaling solution built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Aave Price Prediction

4, September, 2022

Aave is a crypto lending platform for users to deposit their crypto assets and earn interest on them, or borrow against them and pay interest.


What is the yuan coin?

3, September, 2022

The Yuan Coin is a central bank digital currency (CBDC) issued by the People's Bank of China (PBOC). We cover its use cases and adoption for far!

The Telcoin platform and price explained

2, September, 2022

Telcoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize how we make calls and send money internationally for a fraction of the price.

The Seesaw Protocol Explained

29, August, 2022

The Seesaw Protocol is a decentralized, multi-chain, noncustodial ecosystem for Defi products, protocols, and services. Find out more about this new project!

All about the Ethereum Classic and its price

26, August, 2022

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum Classic blockchain, an open-source, decentralized, smart contract, and dApp development platform.

XRP and SEC case: Where are we now

25, August, 2022

The XRP case is an ongoing Ripple vs. SEC case that has Ripple challenging the SEC decision to rule its XRP tokens as securities.

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