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Author: John Walter

A tech enthusiast empowered with a passion for learning new technologies; loves to write and help others understand the Tech/Web3 niches.

Author: John Walter's Articles

Cronos Crypto Price Prediction

26, January, 2023

The Cronos crypto protocol interacts with cosmos and Ethereum blockchains supporting NFTs, DeFi, and the Metaverse. This article looks at the price.

DAI to GBP Stablecoin Conversion

25, January, 2023

DAI is a decentralized crypto that maintains a stable price. It is similar to USDT. Here’s how to convert it to the GBP stablecoin.

What is Nexo Crypto?

28, December, 2022

Nexo crypto is a prominent solution for loans with low borrowing rates and support for owning digital assets.

What is Biconomy?

17, December, 2022

Biconomy network is revolutionizing Web3 transactions. It is key in spearheading the mass adoption of web apps.

Nexo Card or Binance Card?

22, November, 2022

Nexo and Binance have a cryptocurrency card offering, with Mastercard and Visa respectively. Which is best?

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