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Author: Kalu Arunsi

Author: Kalu Arunsi

Kalu Arunsi is a brand strategist who writes on Finance, Crypto, Tech and Marketing. His style involves breaking down complex topics into simple bite sized content, that way his readers enjoy reading as much as learning.

Author: Kalu Arunsi's Articles

Fantom Crypto is Becoming a Web3 Playground

11, May, 2022

When you look at Fantom crypto and what's behind it, is it any wonder it is considered a web3 playground?

Elongate Crypto: When a Meme's Not a Joke

10, May, 2022

Elongate Crypto may have emerged in response to Elon Musk's crypto meme tweets, but it could go the distance.

Bonfire Crypto: The Coin, The Myth, The Flame

9, May, 2022

Heard about Bonfire crypto? A token with daily trades of $75m just a month after launch that crashed. What happened?

Safemoon Crypto: To Meme or Not to Meme?

7, May, 2022

What is Safemoon crypto, where did it come from and, crucially, where is it going on cryptocurrency markets?

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