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Author: Makuo Jinanwa

Makuo is a content creator who tries to understand the world around him. Through books, interviews and other interactions, he engages with topics of interest to expand his awareness. Here he writes about blockchain technology. On his personal blog he explores more topics.

Author: Makuo Jinanwa's Articles

A quick look at the Hyperverse crypto project

31, January, 2023

What is the Hyperverse all about? Wondering if it's legit or a crypto scam? We'll address this in the article below.

Sweatcoin Crypto and What You Need to Know

16, January, 2023

Sweatcoin crypto has launched its token SWEAT. In this article, we discuss four important features of this move-to-earn app.

Why Consider a Trezor Wallet?

30, November, 2022

Are you considering a wallet to store your crypto assets? Here are three reasons you should go for a Trezor wallet.

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