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Moni Talks is a cryptocurrency trading exchange and social platform that is dedicated to the crypto community.

Author: Moni Talks's Articles

Will the NFT Market Develop in 2023?

22, February, 2023

Discover how the NFT market will expand in 2023 as more creators use NFTs to sell their digital creations and investors show growing interest.

Revolut Business - A new way to make crypto payments

17, November, 2022

The Revolut fintech model is a cheaper, more accessible, and hassle-free way for start-up business to transfer crypto and make and collect payments.

Understanding Wrapped Luna

28, October, 2022

Wrapping your head around Wrapped Luna, or WLUNA, cryptocurrency could prove a profitable investment, so let's dive straight in.

What is TUSD stablecoin?

18, September, 2022

Is the TUSD (TrueUSD) stablecoin here to stay? Read about this incredible stablecoin backed by the US dollar!

E-Toro Review - A beginners guide

15, September, 2022

E-Toro is a fully regulated and leading multi-asset social trading platform for investors and traders of all levels, beginners and advanced.

Eightcap Review- Beginners Guide

23, August, 2022

With a wide range of markets, low cost and award winning support. Read Moni Talks review on why Eightcap may be the right broker for you!

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