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Nancy Lubale

Nancy Lubale

Nancy is a self-taught crypto, blockchain and tech news author and researcher with more than six years of experience producing news coverage in the cryptocurrency, NFT, the Metaverse, blockchain technology, investing and technology fields. Driven by her passion for technology, she has worked for top crypto companies, including Business2Community, Kraken Learn, InsideBitcoins,, Vauld Insights, Coingape, Forexcrunch, and Economywatch. Her research interests are in technical analysis of crypto assets, DeFi, NFTs, and on-chain data analysis and of late tech and AI news.

Nancy Lubale's Articles

What's Binance? A Beginner's Guide

30, August, 2023

What's Binance? This article discusses the largest crypto exchange by trading volume, its key features, and how to get started as a beginner.

Buying and selling crypto through HSBC Bank: A user's guide

26, August, 2023

HSBC Bank does not offer a crypto investment platform, but it does provide services that allow its customers to trade on crypto markets.

OpenC or OpenSea? Exploring the world of NFTs

24, August, 2023

OpenSea, aka OpenC, is the largest peer-to-peer NFT marketplace, allowing users to list, buy and sell their digital collectibles.

The SBF Bahamas adventure: The rise and fall of a crypto mogul

23, August, 2023

The dramatic FTX and SBF Bahamas saga reveals lavish acquisitions, a shocking arrest, and crypto's lesson in regulations and management.

Tesla Token: A Quick Look

20, August, 2023

Tesla token is a tokenized stock representing ownership in Tesla Inc. Each Tesla token represents one share of Tesla stock.

Understanding OAuth2: A secure authorization protocol

14, July, 2023

OAuth2 is an open-standard authorization protocol allowing external applications to acquire restricted access to user accounts.

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