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Author: Olumide Samuel

Olumide is a commutation specialist, copywriter, and content writer. He has 4 years of experience, writing content with good SEO standards. He maintains a niche in the areas of cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Nft, gaming and every other interesting tech that comes with it. When I am not on the computer, writing good content, you’d probably find me playing tennis.

Author: Olumide Samuel 's Articles

Bitcoin Punks explained: What are they and what is the future?

19, June, 2023

Unraveling the mystery behind Bitcoin Punks, including what makes them unique, the potential value they have, and their future in the NFT marketplace.

Chia coin is set to go public

13, September, 2022

Chia is on an accelerated timeline to go public through listing via a SPAC or an IPO in spite of the current decline in coin price.

Near Protocol: What it is and how it works

7, September, 2022

Near protocol is likely to emerge as the world’s fastest blockchain network by using a sharding framework to achieve scalability and value.

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