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Author: Olumide Samuel

Olumide is a commutation specialist, copywriter, and content writer. He has 4 years of experience, writing content with good SEO standards. He maintains a niche in the areas of cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Nft, gaming and every other interesting tech that comes with it. When I am not on the computer, writing good content, you’d probably find me playing tennis.

Author: Olumide Samuel 's Articles

Chia coin is set to go public

13, September, 2022

Chia is on an accelerated timeline to go public through listing via a SPAC or an IPO in spite of the current decline in coin price.

Near Protocol: What it is and how it works

7, September, 2022

Near protocol is likely to emerge as the world’s fastest blockchain network by using a sharding framework to achieve scalability and value.

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