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Author: Osama Shahid

Osama Shahid is an experienced writer and editor, mainly writing about gaming and crypto. In his free time, he loves to game, playing FIFA 23 and Rocket League.

Author: Osama Shahid's Articles

Ledger Stax: The Web3 iPod?

25, July, 2023

A Web3 wallet with a screen on which you can display your NFTs? Sounds interesting, but is Ledger Stax a great buy, or just gimmicky?

MiCA: Responding to the crypto market’s call

23, June, 2023

For there to be any future with crypto, there needs to be some regulatory action over them. MiCA is a step in that direction. Read more below!

Quantum AI: Is That a Scam I Smell?

13, June, 2023

Quantum AI scams have become among the most notorious, claiming connections with the likes of Elon Musk. Read on for more.

Polygon (Matic) making major moves over Ethereum

22, May, 2023

Polygon, or Matic, has seen its biggest Whale movement of the year as it aims to edge past Ethereum. Read more news here.

How Rune coin helps Thorchain operate

17, May, 2023

We look at how Rune coin helps Thorchain operate and how the blockchain network aims to tackle centralization.

Bit2Me: The all-in-one platform for your cryptocurrency needs

16, May, 2023

Bit2Me is a comprehensive platform that provides a range of utilities for all cryptocurrency enthusiast 

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