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Author: Sunny Yadav

Sunny is a creative individual with a flair for writing, who enjoys simplifying tech concepts for modern readers. With his years of experience working with global tech companies related to AI, ML, cybersecurity, blockchain, crypto, big data, and IoT, Sunny brings the editorial eye to the table, making him a great addition to our team.

Author: Sunny Yadav's Articles

Bitcoin Forecast: 2023 and Beyond

6, January, 2023

The market is full of Bitcoin forecast articles, talking about the future price predictions of this cryptocurrency. Let's explore them.

What is Anyswap?

5, January, 2023

Anyswap is a fully distributed protocol that allows you to swap tokens from various platforms, i.e., it facilitates cross-token trading.

Gnox Crypto: Everything You Need to Know

4, December, 2022

The Gnox Protocol is the world's first reflection crypto project that uses its treasury to invest in DeFi yield-earning protocols for users.

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