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Author: Surajdeep Singh

Surajdeep Singh has been working in the tech sphere as a marketing guru and journalist for over 6 years, with his speciality laying in blockchain and Web3. He has donned several hats in marketing and journalism over the years and worked with many reputable brands. Feel free to reach out to him on LinkedIn!

Author: Surajdeep Singh's Articles

teamLabBorderless Tokyo reopening in January 2024

16, October, 2023

The world-renowned teamLabBorderless Tokyo facility is reopening in January 2024 in Azabudai Hills, Central Tokyo, after more than 16 months.

LiveCharts: free day trading chart provider

15, October, 2023

LiveCharts UK is a free day trading chart provider for stocks, Forex, commodities, crypto, and major indices, with access to historical data.

ICO calendar 2023: list of active and upcoming ICOs

13, October, 2023

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a pre-sale, token-based fundraising method for early-stage crypto projects. Here is the ICO calendar for 2023. 

What is crypto gaming and why is it popular?

7, October, 2023

The global gaming industry is a multi-billion-dollar sector that is constantly evolving. Crypto gaming is gaining popularity, and here is why.

What are the top blockchain games to play?

5, October, 2023

As the name suggests, blockchain games are video games that include elements of blockchain technology. Here are the top blockchain games.

Robot dogs and AI to recoup £168M BTC from landfill?

1, October, 2023

James Howells accidentally threw away a hard drive with £168M in BTC in 2013. Howells plans to retrieve his crypto using robot dogs and AI. 

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