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Author: Surajdeep Singh

Author: Surajdeep Singh

Surajdeep Singh is the marketing director at NFT Contemporary and has been working as an IT and blockchain journalist since 2018. He is a contributor to publications including IT Business Edge, Enterprise Networking Planet, eSecurity Planet & Moni Talks and works as a consultant at Drofa Communications Agency.

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Bitcoin Future Value Prediction by the end of 2021

19, October, 2021

There's a lot of positivity around the value of bitcoin right now, but can it hit $80,000 by the end of the year?

Ethereum Prediction: Prince of Cryptocurrencies

4, October, 2021

Ethereum is the heir apparent to the cryptocurrency throne. Ethereum prediction: crypto asset of the present and the future.

What Does China’s Ban on Crypto Really Mean?

27, September, 2021

The Chinese government has ramped up its crackdown in 2021 on cryptocurrency trading after announcing all trading of crypto will be illegal.

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