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Tom Nyarunda

Tom is a freelance writer with over 15-years’ experience in content creation, blog writing, and SEO specializing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency niche. He is a philosophical figurehead who believes that to make our world a better place, we must invest in incorruptible products and procedures, of which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are leading examples.

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Gate.io to make Hong Kong Web3 Debut

23, February, 2023

Renowned cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io is set to make a mark in Hong Kong as the city looks to harness the potential of Web3 tech.

Forked Bitcoin Ordinals Brought to Litecoin

21, February, 2023

The introduction of a Bitcoin Ordinals protocol to Litecoin is one more step in the race to introduce NFTs to more Proof-of-Work blockchains.

Catecoin: All About $CATE Token

19, February, 2023

Catecoin (CATE) is a fast-growing meme-based utility coin with unique features compared to others; its supply reduces with every transaction.

Astar Network and Sony Launch Web3 Partnership

17, February, 2023

Sony’s partnership with Astar Network to launch a Web3 incubation program aims at supporting a focus on the utility of NFTs and DAOs.

Crypto Firms Can Self-Regulate in South Korea

15, February, 2023

Under the new guidelines, the buck stops with crypto stakeholders to self-regulate in determining what can be defined as a security.

PayPal crypto reserves reach $604 million

13, February, 2023

As of December 31, 2022, PayPal crypto holdings included $291M in Bitcoin, $250M in Ether, and the balance in Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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