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Author: Tripti Sarda

Spirituality, cats, and a love for pop culture. You will always find me talking about the mountains.

Author: Tripti Sarda 's Articles

ICP coin and all you need to know about it

18, May, 2023

Explore the potential of the Internet Computer Protocol to become a solid alternative to the current internet and the role of its native currency, ICP coin.

All you need to know about Huobi Global

17, May, 2023

Huobi Global is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform based in China that is taking over the world. Read on to find out how

Terra Luna 2.0: Your Ultimate Guide

6, May, 2023

Learn about the revival plan of Terra Luna 2.0 and how it aims to address the challenges faced by cryptocurrency.

Platypus Finance: All You Need to Know

24, April, 2023

Platypus Finance is a decentralized platform that's changing finance. Find out more about this innovative system and how it works.

Uniswap Ledger Connect Guide

25, March, 2023

Uniswap Ledger connect made easy! Learn how to securely link your Ledger wallet to Uniswap for seamless token trading.

CEX Exchange UK Offering Reviewed

16, March, 2023

CEX is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the UK. It is easy to use, has low fees, and has great customer reviews.

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