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Author: Victory Obaro

Victory Obar is a versatile blockchain content writer, proficient in storytelling, researching , writing and editing diverse content. He actively trades cryptocurrencies and collects NFTs.

Author: Victory Obaro's Articles

Green Metaverse token: A guide to STEPN

18, January, 2023

STEPN app, built on Green Metaverse token, tracks the user's physical activity and pays rewards in the form of crypto and NFTs

How Can Features of Blockchain Support Sustainability Efforts?

18, January, 2023

What features of blockchain can support sustainability efforts? How can we use the technology to protect the future?

North Korea Crypto Hacks Worth $1.2 Billion

23, December, 2022

The South Korean intelligence agency confirmed that North Korea stole $1.2 billion in crypto over the last five years.

Visa Crypto Wallet Plans Outlined

20, December, 2022

Traditional payments giant Visa has set sights on a crypto wallet designed for flexibility and auto-payments for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Wallet UK Offerings Rated

11, December, 2022

The best Bitcoin wallet options available if you want to buy and store cryptocurrency in the UK rated for your information.

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