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Latest Altcoin News

Altcoins are pretty much exactly what you think. Altcoin, short for alternative coin, is any cryptocurrency that was created after Bitcoin. So if it isn't Bitcoin, it will be an altcoin. Some well-known altcoins include ETH, XRP and ADA.

green image of sweatcoin token with two men exercising and sweating

How Much Will SWEAT Crypto Be Worth?

Explore expert predictions and analysis on how much SWEAT crypto could be worth in the future and factors that will impact its value.

bloc coin logo on image of person playing with blocks

BLOC Coin Price Prediction 2023

by Author: Eno Eteng
29, March, 2023

This article discusses the 2023 price prediction for the Bloc Money coin and the factors that may favour this forecast.

lunr crypto logo on green background image of the moon in the sky

Is Lunar Crypto Price Ripe for Recovery?

by Author: Eno Eteng
27, March, 2023

This article discusses the recent advance in the Lunar crypto price and raises awareness about whether recovery is truly possible.

blue image of digibet logo on image of chains

Digibet Token Price: What's Happening?

by Author: Eno Eteng
27, March, 2023

This article discusses the factors that have led to a steep drop in the Digibet token price since its listing and what the future holds.

green image of loom crypto logo over abstract tech art

Where Can I Buy LOOM Crypto?

I can help you to learn how and where to buy LOOM crypto by creating an exchange account, choosing payment method, and confirming your order.

blue image of chainlink crypto logo

Can Chainlink Reach $10,000?

Can Chainlink (LINK) reach $10,000 by 2030? There are several factors to consider. Here is our LINK price prediction for 2023 and beyond.

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