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Altcoins are pretty much exactly what you think. Altcoin, short for alternative coin, is any cryptocurrency that was created after Bitcoin. So if it isn't Bitcoin, it will be an altcoin. Some well-known altcoins include ETH, XRP and ADA.

Blue image of Xen crypto X

All you need to know about XEN crypto

by Author: Wasay Ali
12, July, 2023

XEN crypto is a new social mining project that is gaining traction. Let's learn what it is, how it works, and the price forecast for the XEN coin.

Green image of IEO

What Is an IEO and How Does It Work?

Learn all about IEOs, how to pick the right IEO platform, and why you can benefit from IEOs as a crypto investor or start-up founder.

Green filter on photo of runners running with gmt stepn logo

What is GMT crypto, and how do I get a GMT coin?

by Brian Mutwiri
8, July, 2023

GMT crypto is the native token of a Web3 lifestyle application that has revolutionized the cryptocurrency world. 

green image of VRA coin logo on photo of a trading setup

VRA coin doubles in value in 2023 due to roadmap

VRA coin is one of the best-performing cryptos this year due to the successful completion of milestones in its roadmap in Q1 and Q2.

green image of amazon ui

Amazon crypto currency: Will it launch in 2023?

by Author: Wasay Ali
24, June, 2023

There has been lots of speculation in the market around the Amazon crypto currency. Let's unravel the mystery of the launch of this coin.

ADA Cardano logo with green filter

What is ADA Crypto?

by Brian Mutwiri
7, June, 2023

What is ADA crypto? It is a decentralized Proof of Stake blockchain designed to be an efficient alternative to Proof of Work networks.

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