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Altcoin news from Latest Moni.

musk base layer

Elon Musk's view on base layer functionality

As BTC and ETH are following their multilayer schemes, Elon Musk claims “there's merit to Dogecoin maximizing the base layer”.

little baby doge

Little Baby Doge: Everything You Should Know

Little Baby Doge is a hyper-deflationary BEP-20 altcoin built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with buyback and burn functions.

axie infinity price prediction hurdles

Axie Infinity Price Prediction Hurdles

by Author: Wasay Ali
18, July, 2022

P2E hype and cyber attacks are negatively affecting the Axie Infinity price prediction. Let’s find out how long this bearish trend will last!

lina crypto price prediction

Lina crypto price prediction: Rebound or regress?

LINA crypto tokens price prediction forecasts after a successful 2021 with its value skyrocketing, it will struggle to reach previous highs.

axie infinity price

Hype & hacking hurdles- Axie Infinity price prediction

by Author: Wasay Ali
15, July, 2022

Play-to-earn cyber-attacks are negatively affecting Axie Infinity price predictions. Let’s find out how long this bearish trend will last!

ant mcpartlin bitcoin scam

Ant McPartlin Bitcoin Scam Explained

TV star Ant McPartlin was falsely linked to endorsing a Bitcoin trading bot. Here, we examine the latest BTC scam.

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