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Altcoins are pretty much exactly what you think. Altcoin, short for alternative coin, is any cryptocurrency that was created after Bitcoin. So if it isn't Bitcoin, it will be an altcoin. Some well-known altcoins include ETH, XRP and ADA.

green image of cryptocurrency coins with helium hnt logo overlayed

HNT Price Predictions

by Author: Jay Jackson
9, December, 2022

Helium Network Token is the native utility token of Helium, a blockchain-powered network for Internet of Things devices. What's going to happen with HNT price?

sologenic logo and crypto token background

Sologenic Price and the Future of Tokenisation

Sologenic price is determined by how users trade cryptos against stocks on the Sologenic platform using the SOLO token.

kava crypto token logo

Kava Crypto: Does it Stand a Chance in 2023?

by Author: Mohamed Algaml
5, December, 2022

Kava crypto project is of great potential and can transform the DeFi space. But can the project compete with the big boys in Web3?

gnox crypto

Gnox Crypto: Everything You Need to Know

by Author: Sunny Yadav
4, December, 2022

The Gnox Protocol is the world's first reflection crypto project that uses its treasury to invest in DeFi yield-earning protocols for users.

ada price gbp

ADA Price in GBP: Conversion and Analysis

by Author: Wasay Ali
29, November, 2022

Cardano had a tough October. But now, it seems to be on track to sustain its value. Check out the ADA price in GBP and where it’s heading!

top performing crypto

Top performing crypto of the last week

by Author: Raphael Minter
28, November, 2022

Many coins performed well during the market's resurgence, but what was the top-performing crypto during the period?

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