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Altcoins are pretty much exactly what you think. Altcoin, short for alternative coin, is any cryptocurrency that was created after Bitcoin. So if it isn't Bitcoin, it will be an altcoin. Some well-known altcoins include ETH, XRP and ADA.

pink image of dogelon mars nft

Is Dogelon Mars a Buy After the Recent Upside?

by Author: Eno Eteng
11, February, 2023

Dogelon Mars has gained 19% this year, but there are still doubts about whether the ELON token can sustain the recent price gains in 2023.

green image of SHIBE and BONE coins on pile of crypto coins

Shiba Inu Holders and the Value of BONE

by Author: Eno Eteng
9, February, 2023

This article discusses recent advances in the price of Shiba Inu and BONE - and what value these moves hold for holders.

Green image of tech pattern with acala coin logo in centre

Acala Coin Use and Value Explored

by Author: Mark Harridge
1, February, 2023

A detailed look at the Polygon-based Acala network its native token, the Acala coin (ACA), and the Acala dollar stablecoin, aUSD.

green image of weave logo on laser pattern background

Weave Token: What You Need to Know

by Author: Jay Jackson
31, January, 2023

Weave token is the native crypto asset of Weave Financial, a next-generation yield farming platform.

green image of snx synthetix crypto logo

How to Buy SNX

by Author: Guarav Roy
27, January, 2023

Synthetix is a cryptocurrency that allows users to trade synthetic assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Here's how to buy SNX tokens.

navy and green image of hexagon pattern with cronos crypto hexagon logo in centre

Cronos Crypto Price Prediction

by Author: John Walter
26, January, 2023

The Cronos crypto protocol interacts with cosmos and Ethereum blockchains supporting NFTs, DeFi, and the Metaverse. This article looks at the price.

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