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Latest Altcoin News | Page 9

Altcoins are pretty much exactly what you think. Altcoin, short for alternative coin, is any cryptocurrency that was created after Bitcoin. So if it isn't Bitcoin, it will be an altcoin. Some well-known altcoins include ETH, XRP and ADA.

altcoins to watch

Altcoins to Watch: The Top 5

Which altcoins do you need to keep a watch on in 2022? Here's a look at five of the top contenders to look out for.

new altcoins

How to Get Started With New Altcoins

Discover some top tips on new altcoins, including how to start investing, the risks and the promising tokens on the market.

what is an altcoin

What is an Altcoin? A Good Investment or Risky?

In this article we answer the question what is an altcoin and explore if they are a better investment opportunity than Bitcoin.

Eln Musk Doge

Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop starts accepting DOGE payments

Elon Musk is in the news again as The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop accepts the DOGE as a payment method. Find out more at Moni Talks.

gala crypto

GALA Crypto Explained

In this article, we explain Gala crypto, its history, how it works and the GALA price prediction for the years ahead.

eclipse crypto

Eclipse Crypto Explained

This article explains Eclipse crypto, what it is, how it works, its price trend, and looks at whether Eclipse is already dead. Find out more crypto coin news at Latest Moni.

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