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Latest Blockchain News

The Blockchain is a public record of transactions which is maintained and validated by a decentralised peer-to-peer network of computers. In this system, every computer that takes part gets a copy of the transaction, making fraudulent transactions almost impossible.

Blockchain is right at the heart of all things crypto.

purple image of oasys games logo on abstract background image

How did Oasys games come about?

Oasys is revolutionising games and gaming with its PoS-based eco-friendly blockchain, focusing on creating an ecosystem for gamers and developers

trader joe xyz logo on blue image of stocks

Trader Joe XYZ launches new AMM Liquidity Book

Trader Joe XYZ has introduced Liquidity Book, an AMM design for DeFi that includes features like fungible liquidity bins and surge pricing.

yuga labs logo on image of bayc bored ape nfts with pink filter

Yuga Labs is taking over the Metaverse

Yuga Labs is an NFT company that continues to dominate the non-fungible token space and is now set on taking over the Metaverse.

green iamge of runes with Runecoin crypto logo overlayed

How Rune coin helps Thorchain operate

We look at how Rune coin helps Thorchain operate and how the blockchain network aims to tackle centralization.

blue iamge of quant crypto logo

Quant Crypto Network: A Beginner’s Guide

Quant crypto has brought mild gains to traders in 2023. However, its network continues to make it easy for blockchains to communicate smoothly.

decentraland mana token on green background

Decentraland MANA: Can it Live Up to the Hype?

An overview of the Metaverse platform Decentraland and a look at the performance of its native currency, MANA.

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