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The Blockchain is a public record of transactions which is maintained and validated by a decentralised peer-to-peer network of computers. In this system, every computer that takes part gets a copy of the transaction, making fraudulent transactions almost impossible.

Blockchain is right at the heart of all things crypto.

bluewallet crypto logo and ui screenshot

BlueWallet Review 2023

by Author: Jay Jackson
21, April, 2023

BlueWallet is a non-custodial Bitcoin wallet that allows users to do more than send, receive, and store BTC.

quickswap exchange logo on pile of cryptocurrency coins

QuickSwap Exchange Explained

by Tom Nyarunda
20, April, 2023

QuickSwap is a next-generation layer-2 decentralized exchange and Automated Market Maker known for its fast transfers and affordable costs.

Man with wallet. Question mark overlayed with blue filter

Is a non-custodial wallet right for me?

What are the differences between a custodial and a non-custodial crypto wallet? Which one is right for you?

pink image of league of kingdoms metaverse game logo.

League of Kingdoms: Worth Playing in 2023?

League of Kingdoms play-to-earn blockchain game continues to attract new users, despite an apparent lack of further development in the project.

unity games logo in front of purple image of gaming controller

Top 5 Unity engine games

Unity is a cross-platform game engine that offers developers various game development tools. Read the top 5 Unity engine games here.

web3 games

Web3 games and Metaverse projects raised $748M

A report by the data and analysis firm DappRadar claims that in August, Metaverse and Web3 games projects raised around $748M funding.

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