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santander crypto

Santander to launch crypto trading feature in Brazil

Santander's latest development is a crypto trading feature to be launched in the financial institutions Brazilian branch.

crypto banter

The rise of Crypto Banter

Discover the origins of Crypto Banter, the social cast that encourages participation from the community of all cryptocurrency users.

blackrock crypto

Coinbase and BlackRock crypto have teamed up

Coinbase's partnership with BlackRock crypto is bringing the world's largest asset manager into an industry ravaged by dropping prices.

nomad crypto

Nomad offers 10% bounty of crypto $190 million hack

Cryptocurrency company Nomad crypto offers a bounty to recoup funds lost in a $190 million hack highlighting security vulnerabilities.

crypto market crashing

Crypto market crashing due to deleveraging

A slew of altcoins tumbled as Bitcoin fell over 70% from its all-time high and the Terra ecosystem, in decentralised banking, imploded.

buying shares in a company with crypto

Buying shares in a company with crypto

by Author: Wasay Ali
5, August, 2022

Buying shares in a company with crypto is now possible. Various DEXs offer equity trading via stablecoins. Read this guide for more details!

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