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Here you can find news on all things crypto. From international regulation to company updates and new offerings, we've got you covered. Want to see who's collaborating with the big names this month? Or which country is etching closer to crypto regulation? This is the place.

red iamge of dial indicating cash flow at 0

Bittrex insolvent after SEC charge

Bittrex was among the largest crypto exchanges by daily trading volume but has joined FTX on the bankruptcy list due to an SEC charge.

licecoinwatch logo on blue image of blockchain

What is Live Coin Watch and how does it work?

A virtual currency tracker like Live Coin Watch provides real-time info for crypto portfolios. It helps to maximize investments by tracking market trends.

yellow image of european union flag

MiCA: Responding to the crypto market’s call

For there to be any future with crypto, there needs to be some regulatory action over them. MiCA is a step in that direction. Read more below!

fear and greed indesx visual. One man looking scared and another looking greedy holding a bitcoin

Does the Fear and Greed Index improve crypto trading?

The Fear and Greed Index, introduced by CNN, has become an integral tool for traders interested in understanding the crypto market.

blue image of trust lock with tech overlay

Trust Wallet – The ultimate user guide

by Nancy Lubale
18, June, 2023

Trust Wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency self-custodial wallet enabling users to store and manage assets and NFTs across several blockchains.

UK government building with cbdc coins in foreground and yellow filter

CBDC UK: Government gearing up for Digital Pound

by Author: Wasay Ali
17, June, 2023

The UK Government is preparing for a retail CBDC to supplement cash and improve payments. The final decision on its launch is expected in 2025.

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