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Here you can find news on all things crypto. From international regulation to company updates and new offerings, we've got you covered. Want to see who's collaborating with the big names this month? Or which country is etching closer to crypto regulation? This is the place.

gamdom logo on image of online gambling

Gamdom Online Gambling Platform

Gamdom is a destination online platform if you are looking to satisfy your gambling needs in a safe and secure environment.

hands transferring an ethereum cryptocurrency

BestChange: Find the Best Crypto Rates

Looking for a simple, easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange platform where you don't have to pay additional fees? Enter: BestChange!

binance and voyager apps

Binance US Cleared to Buy Voyager Assets

Bankrupt Voyager Digital wins court approval to sell assets worth more than $1 billion to Binance US, but the deal still needs to be finalized.

What is on the CoinsKid Website?

CoinsKid is a website highlighting the most popular crypto projects at the time, including hot crypto projects and trending cryptos.

kraken logo on image of bank

Kraken Crypto Exchange Plans Bank Launch

Kraken crypto exchange CLO Marco Santori has opened up about the platform's plan to launch a bank to support other crypto firms.

bcb logo on red iamge

BCB Group Acts to Close Silvergate Gap

by Tom Nyarunda
7, March, 2023

BCB Group will launch a BLINC dollar component to fill the gaping hole left by the Silvergate Exchange Network (ESN) shutdown.

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