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Crypto coins or tokens are representations of values stored on the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies, literally cryptographic currencies, are simply the digital, blockchain-based equivalent of our normal or 'fiat' currencies. The most famous (and first) crypto coin is Bitcoin.

green dash logo over image of crypto coins

DASH Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Long Term

by Tom Nyarunda
5, March, 2023

The DASH cryptocurrency price prediction projects an upward trajectory for a coin whose value has increased steadily in the last 30 days.

green image of shanghai and ethereum logo

ETH Shanghai Upgrade Postponed

The core developers have pushed back the Ethereum (ETH) Shanghai upgrade to early April, while the final rehearsal is scheduled for 14 March.

green image of ethereum testnet

Second Ethereum Testnet Successful

by Tom Nyarunda
28, February, 2023

The second Ethereum testnet successfully processed staked ETH withdrawals, the next major milestone following the Ethereum Merge.

usdc and usdt logos on pile of altcoins

USDC vs USDT: Understanding the Stablecoins

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
27, February, 2023

The concept of USDC vs USDT and how the stablecoins provide a reliable solution for crypto investors to protect their money from market volatility.

calyx robots shaking hands

Calyx Token: Worth the Wait?

by Author: Emmanuel Baiden
26, February, 2023

The Calyx token is a planned cryptocurrency for the Calyx protocol, which launched in 2013 with a system created on smart contracts to enable real-time trading.

green image of jade protocol logo

Jade Protocol Price and Predictions

by Author: Osama Shahid
25, February, 2023

We list the current price of Jade Protocol, along with other token information and price predictions for 2023.

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