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Moni Talks brings you the latest in NFT news, drops and analyses.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that cannot be copied or exchanged for another type of digital asset. They are usually in the form of art, music and games.

An NFT allows someone to own a unique digital item. Popular NFT drops include Bored Ape Yacht Club, Disney, Adidas and Hugo Boss.

pink image of entain logo over nft auction photograph

Entain Leads the Way with NFT Auction

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
1, February, 2023

Entain and Charles Oakley partner for NFT auction to raise awareness for responsible gaming. Funds raised will benefit the C. Oakley Foundation.

pink image of tezos logo on abstract image

Tezos NFT Marketplace Explained

by Author: Lucy Adegbe
30, January, 2023

Cost-effective alternatives such as the Tezos NFT marketplace now serve as a destination for NFT enthusiasts to buy and sell tokens.

pink droppp logo on pink background

Droppp NFT Platform Explored

by Author: Wasay Ali
29, January, 2023

Droppp is a distinctive market for pop culture-inspired digital collectables that you can buy in USD. Let's learn what this platform offers.

pink iamge of cryptosnoos reddit nft

Reddit NFT: What is it and where can I buy one?

by Author: Raphael Minter
28, January, 2023

Reddit NFT has become an integral part of the digital collectibles sector and has generated millions of dollars in all-time sales volume.

pink image of Clonex logo on pink background image of Anime girl NFT

Are RTFKT and Nike Behind CloneX NFTs Success?

by Author: Raphael Minter
19, January, 2023

CloneX NFTs are among the top-selling collectables in the sector. Many analysts believe Nike and RTFKT are behind its success.

Pink image of nft whale and bored ape logo

Bored Ape Whale Buys 69 DeGods NFTs

A Bored Ape whale just spent approximately $900k on 69 DeGods NFTs. The floor sweep was made in support of the project's upcoming ETH move.

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