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Read the latest Bear Market crypto news.

Pi Crypto logo on image of raspberry pis

Pi Currency Plummets as Delays Confirmed

The IOU value of the Pi currency, PI, dipped sharply after Pi Network announced further delays to its mainnet roadmap.

fear and greed index on phone with blue background

Fear and Greed Crypto Index: Is It Effective?

How does the crypto fear and greed index work, and can it aid effective decision-making in cryptocurrency trading?

red image of hands holding ethereum coin on red background

Ethereum Price Today: 7% Fall

by Tom Nyarunda
10, March, 2023

The Ethereum price today at 7% lower mirrors the fate of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies' reaction to an unfolding crypto market crash.

red image of silvergate bank with crypto falling down

Silvergate Bank Crisis Sees Crypto Market Tank

Silvergate Bank has seen a plunge in its stock price, resulting negatively in the overall capitalization of the crypto market.

Kiba inu logo on image of altcoins

Kiba Inu: The Long Road to Recovery

by Author: Eno Eteng
17, February, 2023

January's 75% gain in Kiba Inu's KIBA token excited HODLers, but there remains a long road to recovery before 2022's highs are regained.

blue image of bears and bitcoins on rally track

Bear Market Rally Over Says Wells Fargo

by Author: Priya Kumari
14, February, 2023

Wells Fargo's equity analyst Chris Harvey suggests an end to the bear market rally. According to him, the current market is neutral, neither bull nor bear.

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