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green image of bitcoins with silk road coin and coinbase logo on top

Coinbase Receives Silk Road Bitcoin

by Author: Wasay Ali
8, March, 2023

US Government-connected wallets have transferred Silk Road Bitcoin to Coinbase. Is this the reason behind the BTC sell-off in the market?

pink image of twelvefold nft

Twelvefold NFT Collection Coming from Yuga Labs

by Author: Wasay Ali
28, February, 2023

One of the most popular NFT creators, Yuga Labs, has announced a BTC ordinal NFT collection. Twelvefold is likely to be released in the coming week.

scared man and greedy man on blue background

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index Explained

by Author: Brendan Beeken
18, February, 2023

A detailed dive into the famous Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index to examine its relevance and validity as a tool for crypto investors.

green image of paypal logo

PayPal crypto reserves reach $604 million

by Tom Nyarunda
13, February, 2023

As of December 31, 2022, PayPal crypto holdings included $291M in Bitcoin, $250M in Ether, and the balance in Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

red image of kraken logo and Ethereum, Dogecoin and Bitcoin tokens falling

Crypto Tumbles as Kraken Suspends Staking

by Author: Priya Kumari
10, February, 2023

The value of major crypto tokens tumbles after Kraken, the cryptocurrency exchange, suspends staking operations for US customers.

blue image of marathon digital logo

Marathon Digital Makes BTC Sale for First Time

by Author: Wasay Ali
3, February, 2023

Marathon Digital has increased its production of Bitcoins by 45%. It sold more than 1,500 tokens and is looking to sell more to cover its expenses.

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