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BitMiner: A Ponzi Scheme?

by Author: Priya Kumari
31, October, 2022

BitMiner claims to be a Bitcoin mining pool that offers its services for free. Read more about the platform and whether it is a scam here.

bitcoin storm

Bitcoin Storm Review: Is it Legit?

by Author: Wasay Ali
24, October, 2022

Bitcoin Storm is a trading bot that is controversial because of its association with scams. Let's find out whether to trust it or not.

person sat at laptop as bitcoin price drops

Bitcoin Dropping Price Halted by US News?

by Author: Priya Kumari
18, October, 2022

As US equities rose at the opening of Wall Street on Monday, BTC moved closer to the $20,000 mark, meaning a potential halt in Bitcoin dropping value.

Bitcoin Motion Trading Bot Scam

Exploring the Bitcoin Motion Trading Bot Scam

The crypto industry is rife with fraudsters. Find out how to spot cryptocurrency trading bot scams using this handy example: The Bitcoin Motion trading bot scam.

Everything to know about Bitcoin Avalanche bridging

by Author: Wasay Ali
3, October, 2022

Bitcoin holders can now utilise Avax blockchain's Decentralised applications (DApps) through Avalanche bridging. Let's find out how it works!

bitcoin price in uk increases

Bitcoin price and trade volume has increases in UK

by Author: Emmanuel Baiden
28, September, 2022

As Bitcoin/GBP trade volume goes up by 1,150%, analysts believe the crypto could become a hedge for the pound and other currencies.

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