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tokenized real estate

Tokenized real estate: Where digital meets real estate

Tokenized real estate ownership involves transforming a physical asset, like real estate, into a series of digital tokens using blockchain.

applications of blockchain

Applications of blockchain in practice show promise

Most blockchain are created to be implemented in several industries to reduce cost, increase transparency, fairness and efficiency.

Hydrazine Crypto

Hydrazine Crypto: The Newest Way to Keep Your Money Safe!

Learn about Hydrazine Crypto, a new way to keep your money safe. This revolutionary new product aims to keep your finances protected.

hbar crypto

HBAR Crypto Explained

HBAR crypto is the native and utility token of the Hedera Hashgraph network, an alternative to conventional blockchains.

cryptocurrency and the economy

Cryptocurrency and the Economy: Crypto's Influence on Finance

What is the relationship between cryptocurrency and the economy? How do crypto markets impact economic activity worldwide? Here, we explain.

sustainable impact investing

Sustainable impact investing in blockchain and water

South African water delivery infrastructure firm received sustainable impact investing round of $150M from GEM Digital, find out more at Latest Moni.

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