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Green image of Freeway token logo

Freeway Token: What's Going On?

by Author: Harsh Verma
17, February, 2023

Freeway Token is a new approach to finance, utilising blockchain technology and the collective power of individuals to maximise rewards for users.

pink image of solice logo

Solice: The First Cross-Platform VR Metaverse

by Author: Harsh Verma
17, February, 2023

Solice is a cross-platform VR Metaverse offering endless entertainment opportunities through social, gaming, and crypto elements.

Shopify NFT Merchants Get More Tools

by Author: Raphael Minter
14, February, 2023

Shopify NFT merchants now have access to blockchain commerce tools that help improve the experience of shoppers on the platform.

pink image of blockchain with whitewalker ice nft in foreground

Ice World NFT: What is the Pathway to Recovery?

by Author: Eno Eteng
10, February, 2023

Ice World NFT needs an injection of fresh ideas, such as the development of an interactive blockchain game, if users are to get back into buying mode in 2023.

blue phone screen with revolut app icon

Staking on Revolut Announced

by Author: Harsh Verma
8, February, 2023

British neo-bank Revolut is allowing its UK and European customers to earn up to 11.65% annual yield on cryptocurrencies by staking on Revolut.

purple image of nakamoto games blockchain logo

Nakamoto Games: A Premier P2E Ecosystem

Nakamoto Games is a leading P2E blockchain ecosystem on Polygon, where players can earn in NAKA and developers can deploy their games.

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